About Us

’m often asked how I came up with the name 2-10 Candles. To be honest , the name created itself. My life and purpose are my two boys; Joshua and Messiah. I was made a mother in the year 2010. Everything that I do, is for them, hence the name : 2-10 Candles. It’s a constant reminder to keep going and to never give up.

I began to make candles in the year 2017. Two years after the passing of my father Johnny Lee. He was my best friend and I was the epitome of Daddy’s Little Girl. I realized that I was still grieving and needed to find a way that I could start on the path of healing. I never really had a hobby. I just lived. So on a whim, I ordered a simple candle making kit. I researched. I watched videos. I read things. Then came time to pour my first candle. I’ll never forget. In my apartment kitchen, I poured my first candle and in doing so, it was my first pour of letting go. It became that each candle that I poured, I poured more and more of my unresolved grief away. I felt a weight lifting.

It wasn’t until last year, 2019, that I started to feel as if I was finally at peace with my father not physically being with me. That weight that was lifted, was peacing washing over me. I felt light. My spirit was at ease and I knew that I could continue on. So I decided to step out on faith and turn my hobby into a business. Thus the beginning of 2-10 Candles.

I failed. I cried. I tested. I researched. But I NEVER gave up. My faith never wavered. I never stopped. I’m a true believer of being a forever student. I believe that there’s never a ceiling to where I can go. No one can stop me but me so therefore I’m unstoppable. I constantly thank God for bringing me from there to here because it was a mighty tough road. The thing about a journey is that there’s more than 1 way to get somewhere. We don’t all take the same route.

2-10 Candles is my legacy. Thank you for letting me light up your life